Ron and Nelly's World Cruise 1.

Ron & Nelly's World Cruise-Page 1 small

Got me laughing the moment I set my eyes on it Lewis. Brilliant work.

Brilliant, it’s so good when someone has a similar sense of humour. Your work just gets better Lew.

If this is going to be the start of a long running story. I am looking forward to it.

Fantastic Lewis, just love all the characters in this.

Fantastic. Good to have something that brings a big smile to your face. Looking forward to the next episode of Ron & Nelly

So relevant and so true. Great humour and characters. Would make a great card.

Thanks to all for your wonderful comments. This will be a shortish, or possibly a longish story, depending on how it goes. Be a while before I post another. It takes 2,3 or 4 pics depending on the page layout.

Absolutely brilliant, Lew. Tremendous characters and story, and the payoff at the end is top drawer. You get what you pay for. What a hoot! Bri

Great characters Lewis and right old rust bucket. 👍🏻

Brilliant is the word Lew. Superb illustrating...(-:

Ha Ha, nice one Lewis, a good laugh on a miserable and very wet morning !!!

Love this Lewis, made me smile, just how I imagine it would be.

Thanks again to everybody for having a look and your comments. I haven't yet got used to the back-to-front appearance of the comments...I expect the newest at the top.

It's got a lifeboat - what more do they want?

Titanic comes to mind :) Well drawn as always Lew, looking forward to the next instalment.

You are sooo good at these, I keep finding something new every time I look I love the old 'tub'.

A lovely moment of ausement Lewis - I love Val's comment.

Ps. Get into the spirit Lewis! Put it up for sale!

Thanks again to everyone for your wonderfully encouraging comments. Sorry Marjorie, I don't sell stuff...and anyway, this is only page 1.

Thanks again to everyone for your wonderfully encouraging comments. Sorry Marjorie I don't fuss with the selling game...and anyway, this is only page 1. (I've just tried to add this, and nothing's another go. Might end up being added twice.)

That was strange, the first time I added this 'thank you' it didn't show you've had double thanks...thanks again...treble!

I was joking about the selling Lewis😉, tone of voice doesn't quite come across online😊

Found it eventually! You have such fantastically funny ideas Lew and the great skills to portray them. Always gives me a giggle.

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