Sketch-The old school reunion.

Sketch-The old school reunion.

Beautifully drawn characters as usual, Lewis. Love the expressions, the bored Goth, the almost pitying look of the punk and uncomfortable look of the ‘normal’.

I love the expressions on their faces, you are so good at these drawings.

Great stuff Lewis! We recently met up with friends we hadn’t seen for more than 20 years and went through the whole “is that them?” thing! Yes life moves on and your imagination never fails.

Great illustration and so true to life. We may all start off about the same but life can mould us on our journey into vastly different people.

They all like a cuppa at least. Excellently done sir.

Great social observation, and wonderful satire. This is SO true to life. I left Friends Reunited for this very reason. Not because I wasn't interested, but more because we no longer had anything in common. I bumped into an old school friend in an Indian restaurant, years ago, and he asked me what I was doing etc etc, and vice versa. He honestly didn't believe me when I told him what I'd been up to. Ah, those were the days. *smile* Brian

Brilliant Lewis and so true!

I love the very idea of this Lew, beautifully portrayed. I never bothered going to these thin gs (maybe I should have) but my brother has been to a couple. As an ex service man (paratrooper) and liking a drop of the Irish, I wonder what they really made of him? Sterling work as ever and great characters.

Thanks to all for your comments, it seems I've struck a nerve. Perhaps we think we don't change, but obviously we do.

Great observations, Lewis.

Love it Lewis, but then you know me I love a bit of Steampunk and Gothic to draw, its great 😀

Their faces say it all Lewis. Great characters as always.

Nicely done Lewis. I attended one only Old Boys reunion and then I emigrated - but I don't think there is a connection !

Very perceptive Lewis and of course, brilliantly drawn.

What an ill assorted group Lew, very well drawn with lots of interesting detail.

As always Lewis, excellent.

Lewis, you never cease to amaze very good. The expressions are marvellous, great drawing once again!

Love it! My sentiments exactly. I have only ever had one school reunion which didn't go down too well when I hadn't seen the ladies for 40 years and didn't recognise any of them and they all said they recognised me! Most of them had been friends of mine when I was at school. I think that's me, the young lady on the right! Ha ha

Great expressions Lewis, yes, some almost forgotten old friends are better left in the past.

Great characters Lewis!

All about life influences Lewis. Beliefs to be exact. Super characters you develop so convincing.

This made me laugh out loud. So well observed on so many levels.

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The idea came from a chat about meeting friends not seen in years, arranging a get-together and then finding you have nothing in common. For exaggeration purposes, this reunion is between and Goth, a Steampunk enthusiast, and a 'normal (??)' person...all sitting there wishing they were somewhere else. (I suppose if you were real friends you'd have kept in touch anyway.) A3 sketchbook, pen and wash.

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