Last page-Growing up project-mixed media.

Last page-Growing up project-mixed media.

It's been like a good book when you do not it to finish. Thanks for sharing your memories Lewis.

Nice one Lew. Thanks for sharing this stuff. It is funny how life turns out:i often say to my kids (in their 20s) that I wish I'd been a professional musician. After thelaughter has stopped they say "and if you had you'd be standing now saying 'I wish I'd been an airline pilot'". From the mouths of babes...

Excellent project Lew, worth having it printed as a booklet, as I expect you will do. How many pages did you eventually manage?, don't forget that these need to be divisible by 4 to make a book - I'm sure you know that!

Thank you Stephen, David and Alan for your comments. I'm having it printed in roughly A4 size, Alan. I'll be using a company who produce photobooks, I've had a few from them before and think the quality is very good. I've been using their app to compile this book as I've worked on's 25 pages in all, including the front cover. I produced each page so it is a full page image in the book. I could have added extra pages...this is the minimum size they do...but I felt I've covered everything I wanted. When I've done the front page, I'll wait to see what offers they make. I get frequent offers from them the moment it's 40%. I'm in no hurry, now I'm ready I can wait for a better offer. (I got 75% off a couple of Christmases ago...if I took the currant 40% offer the books would be about £20 each...not bad.)

I'm reading the last chapters in reverse Lew, having just got back home and from a place with no internet. That thought - what would my 8 year old me think of how my life panned out - is something I , personally, find overwhelming. It's a reminder of how life seems to have flown by! Ooer...but I know there's a theory about that, time passing more quickly etc as we grow older. Anyway, it's been very thought provoking, this trip down memory lane, well done for doing it in such an interesting way!

You're right, Marjorie. My wife's mum was always saying the days fly bye when you're older. We used to laugh, but now we're in the same boat, we find it so true. Thanks for your kind comment.

Right I see what you're doing Lew. You are opting for 25 single sided printed pages, rather than a double sided stitched booklet, which is what I had in mind, hence my divisible by 4 statement. Worth waiting for an offer for sure, but that doesn't seem too pricey!

So sad this has come to an end. Thank you for provoking memories I’m sure we all share, especially ‘what if’. I do think we end up where we are supposed to be but in the twists and turns of life it’s all a big lottery. Our choices were rather limited when we were growing up and as you mentioned, there wasn’t the guidance and advice to steer most talented people in the right direction. There must be huge numbers of people who have never fulfilled their artistic potential. I’m sure your chronicle will give great pleasure and insight to those who have the opportunity to read it. Once again Lewis, many thanks for your memorable contribution.

Thanks Lewis, it's been a joy to read, so many of 'your' memories could so easily have been mine. Nostalgia can be quite painful at times.

Well now I know you have a happy ending - I also met a Jean , married her at 20 - 3 months and 2 days before getting called up for National Service , came out in the Oct and our first child joined us in the Jan following. We celebrated 51 years of marriage before , sadly , she died . As I said previously , you have been stirring old -but precious - memories.

I'm sure you are right Carole, about there being many people talented enough to have a career in art or writing, but for a swathe of reasons, don't make it. I know I'd never have been thick-skinned enough to make a go of it...but art has brought me much joy all my life, the simple pleasure of making pictures is enough for me. Russell...I had doubts about posting this personal 'history', but, from the response, I soon realized all I was doing was chronicling the story of 'everyman (or woman)', and it's only superficially about 'me.' Thank you all for your great feedback and interest in this little book. Not wise to dwell on the 'what if's'. You expect some events to be life-changing...a new job, for example...but I've no doubt we all have made very minor decisions that have produced big changes in our lives. One, in my case, was changing my mind at the very last minute about which dance-hall I was going to. Had I gone to the place I'd intended to go, I wouldn't have met my future wife. And had a very different life. These 'what if's' can be spooky.

Fantastic Lew, just fantastic. Sorry it had to end, but that's childhood and youth for you. As the song says, "Gone alas, like our youth, too soon!" Really enjoyed the trip.

Thanks for all that Royal.

These have been superb Lewis. Am very impressed.

Thanks Lewis - enjoyed it all - brought back memories of earlier times. I think you sound happy with your lot.

Oops I nearly missed this! Life is a funny old thing isn’t it? All those “what ifs”. We all on this site have one thing in common, a love of art/painting in many varied styles and media. I notice a recurring theme in people’s bios, of having enjoyed art when young, and then life takes over until a certain age, when we take it up again. Your project has been a historical record as well as a personal journey for you. Very well done Lew.

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These two pages are an attempt to provide a satisfactory ending to the story. I intended to end it when I got the first (of many) jobs, but ending at that point would have been a bit abrupt. Just the front cover to do now.

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