Dawn's Homage in Blue (maybe not quite what she intended)

homage to nurses-small

Brilliant Lewis. We all need a laugh right now and how I laughed at this one!!

Brilliant Lew, yes, we do need a bit of humour!

Even made my hubby laugh! Thank you.

Great sense of humour i'm sure all our NHS staff will appreciate.

The old jokes are the best jokes Lewis. I'm going to send this to my daughter in law who is a nurse.

That brought a chuckle, Lewis, great humour as usual!

Thanks Lewis. Brilliant.

Love it. If anyone is offended they have a serious lack of humour - in these times we all need moments of laughter so thank you for bringing a smile to our faces.

and from the heart , Lewis , they need and deserve all the thanks available - if there is a smile to go with the thanks - all the better. A good one Lewis.

Should have a label DO NOT REMOVE, excellent work Lew anyone who is offended can move on to other posts.

Ha ha Brilliant Lewis!

Lol.....Lew, brilliant as always!

What a treat Lew, just the thing!

Thanks to all for the great feedback, I wasn't sure about this...a bit seaside postcard. But meant in the best way. My internet connection keeps coming and going...hope I'm not going to have probs.

And many dittos to that, Lewis.

Good sense of humour Lewis.

Hang on Studio Wall

I only just picked up on this when I saw all the blue pictures. So this is a quickie, done this morning. Hope it doesn't offend anybody...it won't offend the nurses. I'll remove it if there are any objections. (A4-pen and blue inktense pencil...text added in photoshop)

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