Hylands House, Essex

Hylands House, Essex

This has worked very well Danny, super sky and the well painted large try balances the building, the blended rich, dark background is also nicely painted, good work.

Colin Steed - Artist & Tutor. Yes I would agree with both of those comments. I like the way you have created depth to the left of the house and the rich distant trees send your eye to that area. The sky has warmth and that small foreground shadow works well.Your foreground tree has real warmth and style. That's lovely to see in a snow scene. The tree behind doesn't seem to extend up into the sky. Maybe a wet into wet approach creating an out of focus affect would have worked better here. The large tree would then stand forward more. Overall I can see you handle watercolour very well Danny.

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This version of the project was sent in by Danny McGovern

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