Cley Mill, Norfolk

Cley Mill, Norfolk

Hi Guy, I never feel quailfied enough to leave feed back as what do I know!! But I feel some stronger use of colour or tonal value in the foreground would help to balance the the sky values, and also colours fade as they move away from you into the distance, so that would add more depth. Other wise great attempt. I love the shading on the mill and it's dome, it's given it great shape.

Colin Steed - Artist & Tutor For a novice you have done an excellent job. Yes the foreground does need more interest. Look at my painting in the April addition of Leisure Painter you will see some dark areas that lead the eye to the mill. Make the tops of any dark sections uneven to give the impression of reeds. The sky would then need a dark area behind the mill to balance the composition. Produce another painting don't try to change this one. Finaly always use good quality watercolour paper and try to work large areas of the painting wet into wet. Well done Guy.

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I have completed the April painting project as a small watercolour and am a novice at this. I find the projects really inspiring and helpful. I found the foreground a bit of a dilemma and would be grateful for any constructive feedback. By Guy Nicholson

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