Such a colourful life you have michel. Nicely drawn as well.

Thanks John. I get frustrated hearing about out of order behaviour every day and at least I can do something about it in my imagination. And luckily enough, art is also about story-telling.

Good for you Michael :) Super watercolour!

Thanks Louise. You know what I mean.

Bravo Michael. We live in a bygone era now, back in the day he would have got a good slapping from many a bloke.

They're all cowards and bullies Jim.

Well done Michael! Just what's needed! ;) great little painting.

Well done Michael, that never hurt anyone, nice painting

A great painting Michael, it actually reminds me of the character out of Deliverance, the banjo player.

Thanks David and Linda. I see what you mean Linda. I looked at that clip from Deliverance on. YouTube. Strangely, I'd never heard of that film before you mentioned it but when I saw the clip I recognised it straight away from a scene from Father Ted episode where the boy is playing the banjo and the same tune and the old man is dancing at the fair which comes to Craggy Island.

Love your paintings Michael and really love your stories......!

Not seen the Father Ted version but the film is still worth a watch if its ever on telly.

I'll look out for it Linda. Thanks.

Those were the days Michael when youngsters could have a clip around the ear, now you can't even raise your hand and it gets reported. Good painting.

A painting with a story, I love it. Well done Michael.

Thanks Margaret and Mia.

I love this painting and the story behind it.

A beautiful little painting of a pathetic prat!

Great job all round Michael....the painting, the story and most of all the thick ear! Good for you!

Good for you Michael. Great painting too.

Thanks Fiona and Sandra.

A knight with a shining paintbrush... well done you.

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Watercolour. A drunken baldy lad who was abusing women in Durham City Market Place yesterday. I called the police but they didn't arrive so I went over and had a word with him. He kicked out at me so I put some discipline on him and he ran off bleeding. Long live street justice.

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I was born in 1946. In the 1960s and part of the 70s I was an airman in the Royal Navy, Fleet Air Arm. I joined Durham Constabulary in 1971. In 1999 I retired from policing and began teaching sociology and criminology at Durham University with emphasis on policing and researching crime. I've just…

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