The Identity Parade

The Identity Parade

A great line up Michael! Does the guilty party always have a large arrow pointed at his head? No wonder the police always get their man! I think the second one in from the left is guilty, he looks too

The guilty one is the one whom you instinctively feel is guilty Fiona. Your instinct about the second from the left being innocent will be correct, especially when the police instinct is that the one being arrowed is guilty. Someone did it didn't they? I think a man who is baldy on top but has a ponytail, an earring and a tattoo is as guilty as hell.

The fifth one has horns! Great line up Michael.

It was a satanic crime Carole.

This has made me laugh Michael.

That makes me happy Ellen.

They are all guilty for taking part Michael.

I think you used to get about a tenner for standing John. A tenner was a tenner in those days.

He certainly looks like he's got some attitude Kirstie. Let's put him in Room 101..................crash!

Haha, good one. I like how something so serious can bring a smile!

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Pen and watercolour wash

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I was born in 1946. In the 1960s and part of the 70s I was an airman in the Royal Navy, Fleet Air Arm. I joined Durham Constabulary in 1971. In 1999 I retired from policing and began teaching sociology and criminology at Durham University with emphasis on policing and researching crime. I am drawn…

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