A woman I met one day in Durham City, 1963, when I was walking the dog.

A woman I met one day in Durham City, 1963, when I was walking the dog.

Love your pics Michael. Plus the great titles. Small point, watch the size of hands and feet. They are always bigger than you think. But please keep on posting.

Ah yes, I remember it well Mick. It was very chilly, as I recall!

Thanks Sylvia. I'll apply your advice. Hands and feet are difficult and, like most things that are difficult, I don't always apply myself, or I do and fail.

Don't say another word Adele. Keep it all to yourself.

Four beautiful sketches, Michael, and thank you for sharing moments of your life.

You've met some very interesting people along the way Michael......I hope this lady didn't take advantage of your good nature? I can't do hands and feet Michael, in fact, I can't do the bits in between that well either.

Thanks Fiona. I'm sure you do a good figure. She was a very kind person and I left with my good nature unpenetrated. The relationship was over in an hour so there was little time for the conflict that can often develop over time after early romance.

Thanks Gudrun. I love it that you love them but you shouldn't encourage me and my imagination.

S'sunny, I have always imagined Adele to be sturdier and bustier that this image. Maybe she was very young then! However it's a very good capture of the female form and the stance is spot on.

Thanks Derek. Our bodies are constantly in a state of flux and for anyone who understands the science of DNA, mutating by the second, men especially.

In your imagination, probably Michael!

How do you know that Frank? Experience has no boundaries. My experiences have been boundless.

She must have been very cold walking about like that, hope the fog was not offended!

She wasn't walking about like that Stephen. Come on now.....

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