Annette at 20

Annette at 20

Very interesting! It's a lot less messy than pastel!

Great Michael - too complicated for me I'm afraid.

I wish it wasn't Adele. You would enjoy it. And it's another media to use if you need to experiment. It also compensates for some of my inabilities. They say an artist should use anything which can improve the art. I still need to use twigs and credit cards.

Oh, and it's still reflecting my artistic 'roughness'. But what of it. It reflects 'me', who I am. I,m not sure I want to be anyone else. Well, maybe George Cluney.

It needs a lot of improvement Carole. Thanks for encouragement.

Too complicated for me too, Michael. But what an original idea. Well done!

I don't like digital painting, but this one is very nice. You are getting better with portraits, Michael.

I really like this Michael, it's softer and the pastel shades look great for portraits. My favourite part is how you have feathered the hair around the neck and forehead.

Thanks Fiona. It has some of my trademark 'roughness' to it as well. I looked through all your voluminous amount of work yesterday. You are the master. I was drawn to the one of husband fishing off the beach. That is a great subject and has some strange appeal to me wherever I see it. It kind of reflects the exciting relationship between man and the elements. Have a good week.

Hang on Studio Wall

Original pencil sketch scanned into iPad and worked digitally with colour. I made her look four years older.

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