Very impressed with your technical skill Michael. I have none!

Thanks for all your encouragement Adele.

Me neither, this is good on ipad Michael.

Do you know, I really find this engaging. I like the colours and the combination of styles. See what happens if you tried to do this using traditional medium.

I will have a go Gudrun but it is likely to look very little like this. Digital kind of works fairly easily for you and the results you get probably outreach what you can achieve normally. I think I would need a spray can here for instance. Or I can 'flick" some paint on with a brush. Will it go where I want it to? Digitally you can control this, like a lot of other stuff. I guess, with practice, there's nothing you can't achieve digitally. Is it art? For me it is. It's not cheating as long as you don't put it out as non-digital. To test it on screen all you need to do is enlarge it and you can see the pixels clearly. Doing it is good fun and on rainy days like today, when all your gear's in the garage, it's convenient. Now I can scan in an original pencil sketch then colour it digitally I feel better about the unconventiality of digit. But why should I care? What of it? It is skillfull. I'll attempt some flicks Gudrun and see what you think. One other thing, the colours you can achieve with digital are more vivid that normal.

You are right. It is a tool and this shows how it can be used to great effect. I can see the platter effect! The more I look at it the more I like it. It's original and it's got a person there. I've perhaps set myself a challenge though!

It's worth a try Gudrun. You're missing out if you haven't tried it. There are lots of good value programmes you could try such as Artrage, Adobe Sketch and Inspire Pro. To be able to input your original sketches into the programme and colour it and then export/share it outside the programme is very worthwhile but not all the programmes allow you to do this. Artrage doesn't for instance, so I have begun using a one that does called Procreate. You can input your drawing, colour it and then save it all to your computer or send it somewhere else. Procreate is only useable on an Apple iPad though, so if you haven't got an Apple you'd have to look around for another programme which works on apAndroid or Windows. Procreate cost me less than a fiver to download and, also, you need a good stylus. I bout a box with spares for about £18 from The Friendly Swede, Either eBay or Amazon. It's worth a go, you'll enjoy it.

I like this very much Michael, it's original and fun. It's a splendid idea to colour it with iPad.

Thanks Satu. It's another outlet for me. It's good for semi-abstract too. The colours and effects you can get are numerous.

Super work, Michael.. I love my iPad and working in digital!

Hang on Studio Wall

Pencil sketch scanned into iPad and digitally coloured.

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