Duchess of Cambridge

Duchess of Cambridge

I wondered why we were getting pictures of the girl in some numbers; it's the Sun wot dun it, eh....? I don't know quite what to make of Paul Emsley's portrait: he used a glazing technique, ie thin coloured glazes on a monochrome (probably) underpainting - this is a risky technique with younger people, because of the considerable risk it presents of making them look much older; and that's all the more true when working from photographs in the first place. I was also somewhat unconvinced by the nose, which just looked too broad; now I look at your drawing, I see the nose IS quite broad, but your version has a good deal more life and vitality than the Emsley portrait; and you've kept the background to a minimum - in the case of the portrait, there was just too much of it staring inkily at the viewer without doing anything. Even your treatment of the hair is livelier - I suspect Emsley caught the rather dull, academic reality, whereas you've caught the spirit. And since your photographic references must have been considerably less impressive than his were, I think you've done the better job. Did you submit it to The Sun? If not, you should.

Thanks Robert, this is a comment and a half and very much appreciated. I am not a painter as much as I want to be so I am unable to discuss the techniques of Emsleys work what I do know is that he didnt have to work off three small internet photos that could'nt even show me the colour of her eyes, I had to google that information ( hazel green) now you know. I did read in the paper that Kate had chosen the pose in her portrait because she particularly wanted to show the tresses ( if tha,ts the right word) in her hair. I did'nt really think he painted the beauty of her locks, I tried to, maybe I went overboard but I think I got it right, possibly not the colour as I am aware she is more Auburn but I could not achieve that depth of colour with my pencils. Thank you for saying I caught the spirit, that is what I wanted I needed to get a glint in her eyes and a very toothy smile she has beautiful teeth and they help create a happy sunny smile and that what was missing in his portrait. Paul Emsley is a fantastic artist and his animals are second to none, his portraits are good too but not as good as his animal portraiture. However having said that he is still a far far better artist than I will ever be..............Yes I submitted my portrait to the Sun Newspaper, will I hear anything? who knows! Many thanks again. Keith

was interested to read Robert's comment above, I thought Emsley had aged her a bit (although I didn't like the cruel slagging off that his portrait got from the critics). Back to Keith's portrait now......... I like it, I like that you've shown her smiling, she is recognisable and her hair looks gorgeous. It isn't easy working from a wee photo off the internet (as I have discovered). Good luck with the Sun newspaper, Keith.

Lovely work in your portrait of Kate Middleton Keith, did you ever hear anything from the Sun competition, you should have done this is super lively work, great colours

No Ros I heard nothing back from the sun, but no matter I enjoyed drawing it.

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Pencil and crayon drawing size 24"x16" This is my portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge, I have done the portrait of the Duchess in response to the Sun Newspapers challenge "Can you do better" than Paul Emsley who painted the first official portrait of the Duchess. Paul Emsley is a brilliant artist and I don't pretend to be in his league, I am fourth division to his premiere division but at least I gave her a smile which shows off her sunny nature.

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