King Cobra

King Cobra

Wow superbly painted and scary too love it

Exquisite! Wonderful and interesting composition. Your watercolor technique is so masterful. My husband loves snakes, of all kinds and says this is a spectacular painting! We love your work!

Beautifully executed Joseph reLly 'striking' . Wouldn't like to meet him in the flesh though :)

You can certainly handle your watercolours Joseph. He's very well painted but I'd hate to meet him :)

This is terrific in all senses, Joseph!

Superlatives exhausted - wonderfully vibrant use of watercolour which should provide the perfect answer to those who feel the medium is wishy-washy and weak. As for the subject matter, I understand that these creatures are quite rare - and as they can apparently rear up several feet off the ground, I can only say "good!" to that: although it's always worth bearing in mind that the most dangerous species on the planet is man.....

Thanks for all the comments - much appreciated

Everything you paint is alive Joseph, and this certainly is.....fantastic!

Spectacularly good, Joseph! You are a true master of watercolour.

Superb Joseph, outstanding in every way!

Beautiful painting Joseph, amazing and gorgeous colours :)

Magnificent but a little scary :)

Snakes frighten the life out of me, this is brilliant, may try to paint one to over come my fear. Cheers. Peter

Stunning work, Joseph. Dramatic, menacing and very lively. Superb control of washes, as usual.

Fabulous colour and tone, love it!

Fantastic work Joseph. Spectacular light, and beautiful use of the medium. I can see that there are wonderfully applied traditional watercolour effects with a very untraditional watercolour effect the result. Can't speak highly enough.

Thanks everyone for your kind comments, much appreciated.

Outstanding. It looks like it is coming right out at me. Snakes are much maligned, and wrongly so. They have some amazing markings.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour - 12" X 16"

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