Baby Red Squirrel in hand


Aww cute. Lovely

Fabulous drawing and that hand is amazing.

Many thanks Faye and Heather

Absolutely superb!!!!!

Beautifully drawn and such a good rendition of a hand

Beautifully drawn.

Many thanks David, Christine and Stephen for your kind comments

I want one! So gorgeous, you’ve captured it’s vulnerability Jon.

How lovely is this

Gorgeous drawing

How wonderful and well drawn Jon.

Many thanks for all your encouraging comments

Hang on Studio Wall

Baby Red Squirrel in hand 17x17cm Arteza Expert Coloured Pencils on Strathmore Bristol Vellum Ref photo with kind permission from Sarah McNeil who takes in orphaned Red Squirrels and nurtures them until they can be released in the wild. This one made it.

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I am a self taught painter using mainly Acrylics but venturing into coloured pencils and watercolours. I only started painting in 2019 after retiring to the Lake District UK and being inspired by the landscape around me. I paint for myself but hope you enjoy my work. I paint because I like what it…

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