Niarbyl, Isle of Man


What a beautiful drawing . I love to see graphite pieces like this

A really great drawing, so much to see.

Great drawing skills

Hang on Studio Wall

Graphite powder and pencil. The distant headland is partly shrouded by mist beneath a threatening sky — a dramatic start to a walk on the west coast of the Isle of Man in October 2017. Incidentally, the fisherman’s cottage on the left featured in “The Year of the Sex Olympics” broadcast on BBC2 in 1968. Written by Nigel Kneale, who was from the Isle of Man, the play created a future world in which an elite kept the population inactive but happy on a diet of banal TV programmes.

About the Artist
James Underwood

Other than sketching on agenda papers during tedious committee meetings, I started drawing and painting only after several years in retirement. Then, almost 70 years old, I first attended an art course. Still so much to learn, thankfully! — “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is…

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