Sunflowers and Vase


Definitely not needed in terms of another pass - it is wonderful and I really admire all the different textures

Excellent picture, really well painted Gary.

So beautiful Gary

Always listen to your good lady Gary! This is lovely l

What an enchanting composition and palette Gary. A vase of sunshine is just what we need right now.

Slightly greyed, which I like - adds subtlety.

Yes your wife is right. It looks about spot on as it is. Excellent work.

Thank you all for such lovely comments. Marjorie - thank you and yes, I always veer on the more neutral side of colours thinking I'll boost the chroma in the later stages and ending up liking the more subdued look :-)

Well done on making it to the Painters Online front page gallery. Lovely work.

The work you put in always pays off Gary. Another beautiful painting.

Thank you so much. Andrew - I thought the front page gallery was just random? I was happy to see it there but if it's curated, even more so! 😀

Beautiful Gary. Lovely composition.

Hang on Studio Wall
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40x40cm. Loving painting flowers at the moment, which is strange as I feel like I don't understand them. I had planned another colour pass on this but my wife advised that it is not needed and, as usual, she is right :-)

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