Fast food


You not had a mac Donald's burger? Well painted though 😌

It almost makes me feel hungry!

Yum, art in everything! (Actually the cheese is surprisingly nice but I haven't had a processed burger for years so perhaps it's my memory playing tricks)

I’ve been in a McDonald for coffee, but never had a burger - not a fan of convenience food. If I ever eat one Heather, I’ll save the cheese for you! 😀

Whatever the red layer is. The Burger is painted superb.

Hang on Studio Wall

A quick painting done at our packed art club meeting Monday evening. A well known burger fast food outlet, I have never been tempted to try one of these, and if I did, I would definitely take out the horrible processed cheese slice first! Gouache in my A4 sketchbook.

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I've had very little tuition over the years except for a two year course during the late 1990s in watercolour. Since retirement in 2012, I now have time to pursue my love of painting. In recent years I have ventured into linoprinting, acrylics , oils and gouache. Gouache is fast becoming my…

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