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Interesting - the last time I used oil pastels, they were a Japanese brand called Sakura/Guitar: put me off more than a bit. I discovered Sennelier, by inheriting a very old box of them - and they'd oxidized badly. So I've never really given them a fair chance. But I like the immediacy of this, and the cattle show/country show is very familiar to me, living on the Isle of Wight - I do like your strong colours, in which oil pastels excel, though found subtlety extremely hard to achieve. I note you've moved on to Gouache, which is strong but SO much easier: do you still use oil pastel? Got any tips?

Really like this - a lot of character on show!

Like this Frank

Thanks Tim and Heather. Robert, I have actually had the Mungyo pastels for quite a few years and after initially having a go with them, like you I was put off. Watching how other artists use oil pastels re-kindled my interest and I splashed out on some Neocolor 1, which turned out to be quite a hard pastel in use. The Neopastel tin of 24 were from a charity, who were asking £2 for them but knowing how expensive theses are, I gave them £5! The best tip I can give is that you have to build up the colours with layering, using the hard type as a base, then blending the softer ones on top as you can't mis the exact colour you want like paint. Also I work jigsaw fashion from top left (being right handed) so that I don't smudge the work with my hands. I have some process shots on my Instagram page @_frankb10

A brilliant achievement with such a difficult medium. Love the fresh liveliness here and your energetic palette Frank.

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I always look forward to an agricultural show in the summer. This oil pastel painting is based on one of my photos, taken a couple of years back. I’ve used four makes of oil pastel here, Neocolor, Neopastel, Mungyo and Sennelier and all have varying characteristics, varying in hardness to softness but my favourites are the Sennelier brand, so soft and intensely coloured. 8x8 inches on Clairefontaine Gris paper.

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I've had very little tuition over the years except for a two year course during the late 1990s in watercolour. Since retirement in 2012, I now have time to pursue my love of painting. In recent years I have ventured into linoprinting, acrylics , oils and gouache. Gouache is fast becoming my…

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