Hellebore again

Hellebore again

I would to see how you set about these Carole, they are all beautiful - botanical but with atmosphere if you know what I mean. A great Xmas card too!

Your flowers paintings are always so good!

Its gorgeous Carole, background colour sets off the Hellebore flowers very well.

Beautiful painting, Carole - the background colours provide a very effective contrast...

Messy?? You are getting masterful at these Carole. Super.

Really beautiful Carole, I agree with John when he says masterful

Just brilliant Carole.

Wow, Carole, this is a real beauty. I love the way you can paint white flowers: stunning!


These really are special Carole, most of your work is.

Love your style - beautiful

Beautifully painted Carole

I Love This!

A really colourful painting of a winter flower, has the touch of the old fashioned paintings well done Carole

Lovely background to these super Helebores Carole, they are always so delightful to paint.

Wonderful painting again, Carole, beautiful colours and textures.

I disagree on the messy bit Carole - beautiful as always.

Totally beautiful and uses my favourite colours. Well done!

The palette and that wonderful granulation makes such a beautiful background. Beautiful

Thanks all for your lovely comments so encouraging. Marjorie I mask stamen, splash watercolours backed up by inks and granulation fluid on dark inks., a scrubbing and lifting out session and some splatters also I gently wash out some thick paint before it dries completely. Only works occasionally :)

That same old magic Carole

Absolutely, meltingly gorgeous, Carole!

Gosh Carole, there is nothing left for me to say...it’s stupendous!

Ooh that sounds complicated Carole!

This is a beauty Carole your a real pro at these and they are on a par with the very best.Well done Carole

So beautiful and so realistic. One of your best.


Posted by T H on Sun 22 Oct 21:03:24

Thank you eve so much for your comments, so much appreciated.

Stunning painting Carole, you are so talented

Wonderful painting!

Beautiful painting Carole.

Yet another beauty Carole. You are so talented.

Stunning work Carole

Thank you Carolyn , Sylvia, Paula, George and Petra for your kind comments.

Wonderful rendition, Carole.

Messy my foot. Those Hellebores are exquisite and the surrounding colours are magical.

Beautiful Carole, love all the rich colours.

Thank you Linda, Jenny, Gudrun and Russell, I really appreciate your comments.

Might be a messy working method but there is nothing messy about the painting, it's stunning.

Thanks Val for trawling back to find this and leave a comment much appreciated.

That's beautiful Carole

Thank you Dermot for your kind comment.

You are just so good at these flowers Carole. They always stand out on the gallery. A beautiful palette.

Thanks so very much Avril for your generous comment.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour and acrylic inks. Messy but kept me quiet for a while :)

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