In Memory of a home

In Memory of a home

That's a beautiful piece and ideal for the commission.

The oak leaf was the hall's emblem, the family crest in center. The church was done in French knots for the ivy. Every tree was a memory of some kind for them so all had to be included. Even a few sheep .

This is super - a lady of many talents

Like Michael says, a lady of many talents. A gorgeous piece of work, your commissioners must love it.

I thought I had read the medium wrong Carole - don't know what to say, which for me is a first! Talent abounds!

Superb Carole. Embroidery? I couldn't create that with paint let alone needle and thread!!!

Thank you very much. The lady who commissioned the embroidery was very pleased, it brought a tear to her eyes (hope because liked it:) )

You are just so talented Carole - I wished through all your galleries the other day - they are numerous and varied - and all full of stunning work.

That was very kind of you Avril, thank you very much.

This really is stunning, Carole. I especially admire your patience doing all this fine and difficult embroidery with all those details. Super!

I will not be doing any more like this Mia! It took me six months not counting the planning, colours, material photographing, consulting etc. Anyway my eyes will not take it now! Thanks for your lovely comments all.

You astound me every time I see one of your paintings but this as well, wonderful. I know how long something like this takes, you are very clever.

Patience is a virtue they say Carole. You are clearly virtuous as well as highly talented.

Like everyone else, I couldn't believe my eyes - embroidery?Amazing and fantastic!

Thank you Margaret, Michael and Marjorie.

Absolutely stunning Carole.

What an undertaking, Carole. A lovely, immensely kind lady with great talent. You were the first to welcome me and comment on my work when I first joined POL in......... (?) Years ago....! This is so beautiful.

Aww thanks Ruth, you are a star x

Stunning embroidery, Carole!!

You are superb Carole another massive force to be reckoned with 😍

Thanks Heather. Thanks Dennis you give me a boost ! I wouldn't like to do this again 🙄

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Commission I did for someone leaving this majestic home. Embroidery

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