Lord of the air


This is excellent Carole , you have done a good job. I know the book it’s amazing and full of beautiful artworks.

Thank you Paul. Yes I thought it a great find!

Wow - that is really superb, Carole. The detail is quite phenomenal! I love it!!

Really good drawing Carole

That's fantastic Carole.

Fabulous drawing !

Beautiful drawing, Carole.

Great detailed pen drawing. Must "look up" the book.

Super drawing Carole, what a find!

What a lovely find Carole, I bet there are some fabulous illustrations. Excellent drawing.

Lovely Drawing Carole

Thanks, got the book for £6.99! Also a Arthur Rackham for 2.99 so very pleased to have them.

Wow, the Rackham book is a find Carole. I love his trees, they almost breathe…..

Thanks Fiona. Yes a good visit that day, love his drawings, not quite as scary as the Tolkien illustrations:)

Hang on Studio Wall

I found an illustrated book ‘A Tolkien Bestiary’ by David Day in Oxfam bookshop. Beautiful pen illustrations. I copied this fantastic eagle illustrated by Alan Curless. I think my eagle would never have got off the ground but enjoyed drawing it, he looks just as evil though. A selection of Faber Castell B pencils.

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