This years crab apple

This years crab apple

What a lovely delicate image, you have caught the colours of the crab apples very well the detail & colours you achieve Carole.

Your love for the subject always shines through Carole.

This is quite stunning Carole, that little apple is unbelievable with that dull highlight and shadow.

Lovely nature study Carole.

So beautifully painted Carole. Lovely fresh look to this great painting.

Wonderful work as ever, Carole. I love the rustic contorted bark and lichen, and the shading on the leaves is so well done.

A beautiful painting of mother nature's fruit well done Carole

Beautiful painting as ever, Carole.

A lovely study again Carole, great attention to detail, the branch with the fungi on, everything really well painted.

Meant to say Lichen lol

Lovely work Carole, great observational skills.

Superior image! I especially like the dimensionalism you got on the left one! (Joke)

Really lovely Carole. That one on the left looks real... :)

Thanks all so much. Yes the one on the left is definitely real ;))

I don't know what a crab apple is but this little delicate painting is just so beautiful, Carole.

Beautifully painted Carole, with lovely detail and colour

Just beautiful Carole, is it John Downie?

Thanks very much for your kind comments. Yes Fiona a John Downie variety.

A lot of great detail in a fairly small painting Carole.

Beautiful carole.

As ever Carole, lovely detail, great painting.

Delightful ! Beautifully drawn and painted.

Thank you very much for your encouraging feedback.

It has lovely colour shape doesn't it......I've been watching the crows steal mine!

Not touched yet Fiona, just the holly berries the blackbirds and thrushes nick :)

Not been the best year for apples in my garden . This as usual is a little masterpiece Carole.

Beautifully painted Carole.

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Watercolour and watercolour pencil 10 x 7"

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Self- taught artist, I have dabbled in watercolours for many years on and off. My first love is flower painting in watercolour. Now trying many different media including acrylic inks, gouache, all types of pencils to try loose-ish semi abstract images.

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