Parrot tulip

Parrot tulip

That's absolutely fantastic Carole, your detail is amazing.

My daughter's photo of this tulip she grew in her garden.

That was quick, thank a lot Linda!

This is so rich in colour and texture .

It's more than fantastic Carole! Who would have thought that something like that can be done with coloured pencils!! Awesome!

I haven't seen such richness from pencils before, it's really stunning, Carole!

Very kind comments much appreciated thank you...

Love the gradation of purple/ pink hues. So rich and beautiful Carole.

Fantastic colours on a beautiful painting well done Carole

Fantastic you can sense the softness of the petals

Superb work Carole! The depth of colour is marvellous, you have more patience than me with coloured pencils. What size is this please?

A fabulously rich and nuanced piece, with superb layering and depth. Great work, Carole!

Goodness, what a fabulous blue Carole, lovely drawing.

Stunning work as usual Carole

Those colours are absolutely stunning Carole as is your pencil work. Beautiful.

I learn so many flower names from great flower painters like you Carole. This purple colour is very powerful. Energising.

Posted on Mon 28 Aug 16:49:11

Carole this is stunning, the depth of colour in the darker hues is incredible.

Wonderful painting Carole, such lovely depth and colour.

You certainly seem to have a way with flower painting Carole, all of your flowers are wonderful

You are all very kind to leave such encouraging comments thank you. Margaret the actual picture is about 5 and half inch square.

Absolutely gorgeous, wonderful colours and detail.

all of it well deserved praise

Thanks very much Sandra and Pat, very kind.

Stunning Carole

I missed this Carole. All I can say (parrot fashion) is amazingly well done. Love the subtle changes of colour.

Many thanks Pete and Michael.

Beautiful, Carole.

Excellence again Carole the lighting is superb

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