Rose with scarab beetle

Rose with scarab beetle

Ps. I think the legs look too long :))

Gorgeous detail in the rose and just love the beetle's carapace. Beautiful luminous colours.

You've succeeded Carole, he looks like a jewel nestled within the rose!

The contrast you've achieved between the beetle and rose is stunning, Carole. The iridescence is amazing, and the whole painting is alive and beautiful.


Posted by T H on Fri 01 Sep 21:40:04

A fantastic painting Carole, the iridescence on the beetle is super and I think the legs look fine. Exquisite work!

A lovely painting of natures beauty well done Carole

Love the contrasting green of the beetle. Such an unusual painting Carole.

Love the beetle Carole

That's a delicate piece of work Carole, superb well done.

Thank you very much everyone for your encouraging comments. My first beetle painting!

But hopefully not your last beetle painting Carole, with that wonderful irridesance.

You are a star Carole, this is once again outstanding! Marvellous shine and iridescence on the beetle.

I agree with the above comments, Carole: this is fantastic!

What a great idea to portray the beetle and wonderfully painted/drawn.

Posted on Sat 02 Sep 09:29:38

This is beautiful Carole and it looks perfect to me, the beetle looks almost real.

You've really caught the glow of the bug Carole !! Gorgeous as usual.

Beautiful rose Carole and, I never thought I'd ever say this, a rather attractive beetle too.

Lovely idea Carole, the sheen on the beetle shell is great.

That scarab is truly the star of the piece, Carole. You've really captured its iridescence to perfection. Stunning work!

Thank you all for your encouragement, maybe I will look for beetles instead of flowers :) appreciate your comments very much.

Thank you Ellen and Dermot very kind of you both.

Lovely work as always, Carole.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour, the beetle is coloured pencil, tried to get the iridescence of the carapace.

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