Another Hummingbird

Another Hummingbird

This is absolutely gorgeous Carole, especially on such a dull, dismal day.

Thanks so much Carole. Wish we had these in the garden 😊

That's so beautiful Carole, these little birds are so pretty!

A sight for sore eyes. Sorry. Bad joke, but beautiful painting.

Fabulous, just my kind of composition. Well done.

Lovely painting, the colours are so pretty on the flowers and you have really captured the sheen well on the hummingbird.


I love pictures like this, minimalistic...but beautifully painted.

Love it Carole. Those flowers look like a beautiful frilly dress :)

I've seen these little things close up and they are tiny. Lovely work Carole as always.

Thank you everyone for your kind comments they are very appreciated.

Flawless Image!


You produce such delicate work Carole. Another gorgeous addition.

Posted on Wed 11 Apr 17:11:00

A beautiful painting Carole, you've somehow caught the vulnerability of the little bird.

Great hummingbird and excellent flower.

Beautiful painting of one of natures most charismatic birds well done Carole

Super accurate tonal work..well handled Carole...

Just beautiful,,,,

Bird and flower are just beautiful.

Many thanks all really appreciate your comments.

Stunningly superb, Carole

Thanks so much Ellen and Thalia. That's great Anne! A wonder achievement so pleased for you :)

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour. Need more magnification as my eyes are not as good as they used to be :(

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