Hummingbird in progress love these birds.

Hummingbird in progress love these birds.

One of my favourite subjects. Looking forward to seeing the finished painting. Lovely so far.

Thanks Tony, I'll really try not to mess it up ;)

I love to see confidence in an artist! Of course you won't mess it up Carole, a great start.

It's already looking great Carole

This is fantastic, Carole. I am sure you won't mess it up, knowing your skills and talent. Looking forward to the finished painting.

Beautiful Carole I like the way you have reflected some of the green in the Hummingbird to match up with the leaves, 😃

It's looking just grand.

I'm sure it'll be lovely Carole..just try not to sneeze!

A perfect and beautiful diamond Carole

Ah ah thanks Louise. Thanks all for your vote of confidence!

Gorgeous Carole.

I love them too. This is going really well Carole. You never mess anything up.

Posted on Sun 25 Mar 10:06:24

Gorgeous little bird, lovely colours.

It’s gorgeous, Carole. I don’t think you’ll mess up.

I love them to Carole ...this guy is brilliant.

It's beautiful already, Carole. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished work. I love the delicacy of the Hummingbird's colours.

So far so good - you will not mess it up!

It's going to be super Carole!

And I thought it was finished ! Great petals and bird colouring.

What a little beauty, Carole. I thought it WAS finished, with the background colours deliberately faded. Lovely bird. Brian

Thanks so much for your lovely comments all, really appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour, work in progress. Showing now as I probably will mess up soon.

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