Another luscious fruit watercolour, Carole! So beautifully done, and in such perfect detail. Very lifelike.

I agree with Ann, Carole - you feel you could almost pick the gooseberries off the page!

I just fancy some gooseberry pie now Carole. These are mouth wAtering.

Thank you. Seeing it on here brings out all the tatty edges :(

Well I can't see any tatty edges Carole, just a perfect little watercolour.

I don't see any tatty edges only the fine hairs on the fruit well depicted

Another fantastic painting. Exquisite work showing the beauty of nature.

I don't like the things very much, but I do love your drawing of them Carole, real perfection.

Wonderful composition and beautiful work Carole


Very kind of you all to leave comments, thank you!

It's all been said Carole, well done yet again, your work is inspirational!

Love the way the colours merge on the fruit.

So realistic Carole, beautiully depicted.

What wonderful attention to detail. Love their hairiness and texture of the leaves. <br />Diana

Excellent work Carole I like the idea of combining materials I&#39;ve just bought some polychromas pencils but am finding them difficult to get to grips with :)

Thank you very much for your kind words.

Fabulous glowing washes, superb transitions and lovely palette. Wonderful work, Carole!

Thank you very much Seok.

Beautiful work once more, Carole. Thank you for your lovely comments on my work. Very kind of you.xx

Really good watercolour

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour and watercolour pencil

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