Really lovely Carole. I've just painted my red hydrangea but there's no way I'm posting it next to your beauty :)

Amazing piece of work Carole!

such amazing blending Carole, I do admire your botanical pieces this really does full justice to the Hydrangea head, nice one.

Lovely painting of a complicated flower well done Carole

Wonderful flower as ever, Carole, beautiful blending colours. I'm waiting for your flowers calendar!

Wow! Hydrangeas are hard, and you have created a beautiful image of them!

I really like the black background you've used for your last couple of posts, Carole, it sets the flowers off so well. (I see you've suggested another coat of gouache - I always find it hard to get a really even coat of a dark colour in gouache or watercolour.)

Absolutely stunning. I so agree with Skylar's comment...hard to paint and I've killed two so far here...too hot for them! I agree too with Jenny's comment, really love your dark backgrounds. Makes the image leap out at you!

Love the variation of colour on the petals. These are among my favourite flowers and I'm most upset that one of my hydrangea bushes has died. The single bloom against the black background gives it so much oomph Carole. Stunning.

Beautiful Carole. Love the colours.

Lovely. Sadly my hydrangeas have all suffered in the drought conditions this year so lovely to see one!!

Absolutely stunning 😀

amazing carole

Thank you all for so much encouragement I really appreciate it :)

Absolutely stunning colour and detail Carole.

Lovely work as even Carole.

Stunning, Carole.

Such A beautiful flower Carole. I love the way you have graded the colours in the petals. Stunning coloured pencil work.

Thank you Sandra, Jim Seth and Carolyn.

Totally fabulous Carole!

Thanks so much for your generous comment Fiona.

I saw this on POL Facebook page....it’s beautiful, Carole.

Thanks Dorothy and Ellen very kind!

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour and watercolour pencil, black gouache background. Needs another coat of gouache I think.

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