Hawthorne twig with lichen

Hawthorne twig with lichen

Oh so tight and crisp and sooo good!

Beautifully observed Carole. Those thorns look so sharp! You have a lot of patience to do such detailed work. Lovely gallery!

Wonderful detail Carole.

Another beautiful painting, very well painted

Absolutely gorgeous Carole! The mossy green bark is so very well done!

I can do no better than agree with all the above!

Thank you all very much for your encouraging comments. I had to walk down a rainy muddy and very puddly lane to find this twig also avoiding cars and vans splashing by standing in the hedge :-O

Beautiful work Carole --like it

Brilliantly done Carole but you really didn't need to go on that course, I bet you could have taught the tutor a thing or two. In fact, I think you should have sent me in your place LOL

Thank you very much Charles. Val, you are funny! Seems I didn't know much at all when I got there so learned a lot. But thanks for your vote of confidence in me ;o)

This is superb :}

I am glad you posted this here - I saw it on AF and it took my breath away at how beautiful and tactile it was. That must have been a super course you went on and I can see that you and coloured pencils make a very good team!

Thanks Sarah. Thank you Thea, yes it was a very good art course, I will be attending more of these when I've saved up enough money that is!! lol

Another lovely painting - have looked at your portfolia Carole and all your paintings are beautiful. I love the detail, something I hope to aspire to one day.

Superb work, beautifully observed detail.

Thanks Glennis for your kind comment. Your work is already very accomplished! Thank you Lesley, really appreciate your comments.

lovely color pencil detail i think i need to start on small objects like this to find myself with pencil, you look very suited and comfortable using this medium, i need to go on one of these courses. i have a book by Mike Sibley, which i am munching my way through, he explains a lot of what you capture in you paintings. they are lovely to study thank you so much for posting I will be checking in a lot on your page

Thank you Rachel, it certainly helped to go along on this course. I have just been on another two day course which I enjoyed because I learned to add coloured pencil to my watercolour paintings. The pencils give a more controlled addition to the painting which gives me a bit of confidence! It is lovely to learn something new isn't it. Your book sounds interesting, I must seek it out. Thanks again.

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Coloured pencil. Again done on my 2 day workshop.

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