Quince 2

Quince 2

It's shaped up to be a lovely watercolour Carole! I Like the composition, colours & texture.

Thanks James for your vote of confidence .. Got this one round my neck!!

Even better! The shapes and tonal contrast are great, the format too. It's super.

I like both versions! Wouldn't like to choose between them but it's so interesting to see them both! I wonder which one you prefer?

How beautiful. I have a quince tree which is now covered in the most beautiful pale pink flowers following on from darker pink buds. The tree itself is an elegant shape, great for sitting under in the sun, and the leaves are a very soft green but do not have at all the same contour as the leaves you have painted here.

Wow Carole, just when I thought you couldn't improve on the original, you take it to a much higher level! It's lovely. The colors are stunning, and so is the background.

This is so beautiful and elegant, and painted with great control even though it's got a lot of soft edges and loose work. Congratulations Carole, the colours are perfect as is the composition, a real eye catcher and would look grand hanging on anyone's wall.

Well done especially with your colour harmony .good work

Different from the first one and very beautiful Carole!

This is a lovely picture and so different from the other one.I agee with Neil regarding the colours and the composition is great.

Posted by Joy Lee on Tue 26 Apr 11:13:34

very well done Carole, lovely!! I like!!

I agree with Louise: I like both versions. Beautiful, well done (as usual!)

Thank you all for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it. Feeling lately that my work is going backwards not forwards so thank you everyone for making me feel better. Sian, thanks, not sure what the leaves should look like as the photo that inspired this painting had dead leaves and they were all curled up! Bit of artistic licence here, I made them up.(cheating)

You know what I am going to say, Carole, don't you! I love the first one as it has that immediacy and looseness, with the paint flowing, that suits the subject so well. This one is beautifully painted but has been tidied up a bit too much for me. However, it is always good to experiment and what one person prefers is not the same as what another person likes - so you have delighted a wide audience with both paintings.

Thank you Thea, you are very reassuring.

Fabulous painting. Jx

Both are excellent but I much prefer the strength of colour and the leaves around this one.

Love both...I see the difference, but I think both of them are just marvellous..

I absolutely love this painting !

Hang on Studio Wall

Another try at this one,,,,,,,,, tidier!

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