White roses against the window.

White roses against the window.

Really like the delicacy of the rose petals against the green of the leaves Carole, nice one.

Lovely work Carole I remember finding my rose painting hard , that's why I rate you so highly its a hard subject and no room for careless strokes .

Another botanical beauty, Carole.

Delicate and to the point. Well done Carole.

Thank you very much. Dennis this was a challenge I find roses too difficult! These were still left from Mother's Day they were against the light and looked lovely so I tried to capture them in paint.

Just beautiful.

Posted by Pod P on Tue 29 Mar 12:55:24

Yes very true Dennis and agree with all superb Carole

Beautifully painted Carole.

These are really lovely Carole, you have managed to capture them beautifully.

Beautiful painting. I really like the transition of the green into the white at the top of the stems. Diana

I will imagine the window Carole. I am just going out to fined a fairy.

lovely work as ever Carole excellent David Harrison

Carole, love this such intricate detail its beautiful.

Very nice delicate work Carole.

Thanks for generous feedback all. Hope you find a fairy John ;)

Splendid detailed work Carole.

Beautifully done Carole and so difficult to paint a white flower on a light background....not for you though.....gorgeous.


Beautifully delicate

Beautiful and stunning work as always, Carole. I wish I had done this.

Really grateful for your lovely comments, thanks all.

So very good, Carole. Well done. There's a job waiting for you illustrating books on flowers/gardening.

:) thanks Michael, very kind of you.

An intense image Carole...Well handled botanical work...

A beautifully painted piece, stunning, elegant, delicate - everything a rose painting should be. Well done, Carole!

Beautiful Carole. Not only are you good at roses but the leaves are excellent as well.

Thank you Seok Guy Val and Russell. :)

Elegant and dainty Carole!

Tricky subject handled beautifully

Absolutely gorgeous....

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