"Small, Cheap", and loose! What's goin on here?! (joking of course)

Ah ah! Just as I say Skylar! :)). Not my chosen medium but have to use them occasionally being as I bought them.

You dont need to practice......everyone a winner

A wonderful painting, Carole.

Wow - this is a stunner.

Love the composition & vibrancy of your painting Carole

Goodness, this is beautiful Carole.

Nice composition Carole. I like the little splatters and lines - and texture?

That's lovley and vibrant colour,just love poppies, so much so,I've got one tattooed across my arm.

Thanks so much for your encouragement. I used a heavy texture gel and gesso, bit of tissue paper glued down with gesso it was like playschool over again :)

This is great, Carole - you're very skilled at acrylics...

Beautiful work

beautiful study Carole excellent technique

Beautiful, Carole.

Thanks again everyone very kind and encouraging.

I just don't get on with acrylics, much as I'd like to, but you don't seem to have had any problems with the medium. This is lovely.

Carole there is no medium you do not succeed in.....love the random strokes and splashes, and Poppies never fail to please.

Thank you Val Gudrun and Fiona for very kind comments.

You have a gorgeous painting here Carole, it looks wonderful.

Painted with gay abandon? Great picture.

Thank you. Yes Willie it was :)

That's one very accomplished practice piece, Carole! Bold and lively brushwork and super textures.

Lovely work Carole your superb in any medium I think , I missed this one .

Well done, Carole.

Thanks again for your kind feedback :)

Hang on Studio Wall

Small cheap canvas, practicing acrylics.

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