Garden Flowers-Geranium

Garden Flowers-Geranium

I would be over the moon with such a painting. Leaves are great.

Hi Carole, beautiful Geranium...had plenty of them back home. Like Lorraine I would be delighted with such a result. Thank you for your encouraging comment on my 'After Vincent'.

It's beautifully painted. The only suggestion I can make is that it's top heavy; the flowers are too high up the paper and nothing at the bottom. Maybe a hint of a pot or something?

Hi Carole..Your paintings always look beautiful to me...Steve

I think this is marvellous, extremely well painted.

Like everyone else I think it's a beautiful painting. I agree with Diana that perhaps it's a little top heavy. May be some fallen petals or leaves to balance it out.

Like everyone else, I think this is beautiful. Maybe the stems are a little heavy (but they are in geraniums) so it might be possible to wash out or disguise them but you also might well end up totally ruining what is a perfectly lovely painting.

Hi all, thanks very much for valuable input. I agree that the painting is top heavy,exactly what I thought. My initial idea was to drag colour down and make it hazy and semi-abstract. I decided to put stems in instead. This shows that it's best to plan before you start. Sometimes it works to muddle through sometimes not. I think I may put a stem with the slightly open buds to fill the bottom a bit and bring the eye down the painting with more red. I'm no good at painting pots Diana! Thanks all for your kind comments.

Gosh Carole wish I could handle watercolour like that, I've tried w/c several times and can't get away with it -suppose it takes lots of patience.... thats why I like charcoal!

Beautifully painted as always with real depth. A little top heavy as suggested by Diana but easily solved with another stem weighted downwards with the weight of the flowers. ( Says she who hasn't painted a successful watercolour in months !!)

Absolutely beautiful, Carole. That space at the bottom can be a real bugbear, but you have lots of good advice here....But oh my it's lovely as it is!

Thank you Patricia. Thanks Val for your suggestion, that sounds good idea, will try it.

Beautifully painted flowers and leaves. How about just cropping the picture through the last leaf when you frame it ? (A lazy way out!)

I can't believe you're not happy with this. I wish I could do flowers like you. I should post the flowers I did for a good laugh.

Thank you very much Ruth. Chito I wouldn't laugh at your brilliant work! Avril I tried your suggestion, with an old mount, it worked well, but had already started to add things to the bottom of the painting! It was a great idea. Thanks. Carole.

My thought, before I saw Avril's comment, was also to crop it. In fact I had a card held up to the screen to try it! Other than that, it's lovely, as you already know from all these comments.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour. Not happy with this, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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