Smiley Faces

Smiley Faces

Well done Carole, this has turned out great, so spontaneous.

Lovely painting Carole and the style is just right. An impressionistic feel

Well it's turned out right - you should keep working with acrylics which I am playing around with at the moment after a bit of a lull - I really love them especially the inks which I layer one on top the other - only trouble is I have to wait fr each layer to dry and, since I use a heck of a lot of water it can get a bit frustrating - I currently have a couple on the garage floor dryong out.

Thanks Alan, Dennis and Michael. The inks dry fairly fast as I don't use much water, sometimes neat Michael, love the intense colours.

The inks really punch out the flowers Carole! Lovely colours and full of Jodie de vivre!

A very attractive painting, Carole. I like it a lot.

A really lovely painting Carole!

Well, it SHOULD be your thing, because it sure came out really, really well, Carole! There's a lot of movement and lovely brushwork in this piece. Well done!

Gorgeous Carole.

Lovely work Carole, agree with others you should do more of these!

Thanks for your generous comments I really appreciate them as I thought it was a mess!

Yes, I agree with the others Carole - this is lovely - very loose and spontaneous. Hope to see more.

Lovely colours carole

See Carole, everyone likes it including me, you'll have to use your acrylics more often if this is anything to go by.

Thank you Julie, John and Val for your encouragement.

Lovely colours and I love your style too

I agree, you should make acrylics your 'thing' more often Carole, it's a great piece of work!

Lively,colourful, bold and does what it says on the tin. Great painting Carole, acrylics obviously agree with you, well done.

It's delightfully loose and a lovely painting

Love it Carole, the vibrancy of the colours sings out!

Thanks so much, I feel kek-handed with acrylics! you are so encouraging thank you. I have added bees on Deb Jones instructions!

Beautiful Carole, love the colours used :)

Hang on Studio Wall

Acrylic not my thing but used it. The under washes are acrylic inks in this loose-ish painting.

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Self- taught artist, I have dabbled in watercolours for many years on and off. My first love is flower painting in watercolour. Now trying many different media including acrylic inks, gouache, all types of pencils to try loose-ish semi abstract images.

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