Pink Lily (Stargazer I think)

Pink Lily (Stargazer I think)

Nothing wrong with the bunny ears :) This is lovely as usual, I especially like how you make them look so real :)

absolutely superb Carole, lovely :-) you are very talented :-)

Bunny ears LOL I expect your watercolour was beautiful before the makeover but it is stunning now. Perfect.

Absolutely beautiful! The only thing wrong with the bunny ears is that you pointed them out to us. Now our eyes are immediately drawn to them! Instead look at the wonderful flowers.

Well I like 'the bunny ears' but wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't have said!! Super work as usual.

Yes it is a stargazer, beautiful Carole.

Thank you ladies, I really appreciate your comments.

Another stunner Carole, beautiful lily.

love it Carole, including the bunny ears

I love it - bunny's ears and all! You have really achieved a good depth of colour in the petals.

Lovely work, never really appreciated flora paintings, until I joined this site and tried one myself, now have total respect, for lovely work like this.

So very beautiful, elegant and delicate, Carole! The leaves are beautifully done, and I like the way you faded the lily at the back. It adds such depth. A superb piece!

Thank you Glennis, Jenny, Julie, Peter and Seok for your valuable feedback.

It is a Stargazer - I have them in my garden and beautiful they are too. Wonderfully painted with your usual precise and delicate style. Perfect colours and I didn't notice the 'bunny ears' until you pointed them out. I think they are absolutely fine as it is the character of the plant to have buds in this configuration - so don't worry about them!

Thanks Thea, I will leave it alone now.

Hi Carole, in answer to your question, did I use an enbosser on Janie Pirei's course, yes it was one of hers because mine wasn't fine enough. The one she uses is a fine Pergamano embossing tool. I have four pages of her coloured pencil notes she sent out to us if you would like a copy of that, I will send on to you if you let me have your email address. Make sure you put some colour down before you use the embosser tool, I put cream under my leaf. Hope this helps.

Thanks Glennis that is so kind of you. I have used an embosser before but thought of laying a colour down first, that would work very well instead of just the white line thats left, thanks. I have sent you my email address on your 'Tulip'.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour done ages ago, now had a makeover with coloured pencil. Not sure about the 'bunny ears buds' at the top!

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