Italian doorway


Not too pale at all in my view!

Beautifully painted - very delicate. I like it as it is, but if you think it is too pale, I would suggest painting another version rather than doing any more work on this version. I particularly like the way you have done the glass.

Yes, good advice. It looks great but if you're unsure, paint another version. Personally, I like the faded colours, especially with it being in Italy, where colours often fade due to the sun and heat. Bri

Thank you, Heather, Margaret and Brian, for your helpful comments.

It just right, the colours are great it has the old look to it that was very popular when people took the grand tour and filled the sketch books with them, before cameras.

I really like this, Fiona - very delicately done... I agree with Margaret about the way you've painted the glass, and I also agree that it might be worth doing another version to see which one you prefer.

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I came across this old doorway when visiting Italy and took a photo so I could paint it at home. I love its faded colours, but wonder if the overall effect is too pale?

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