February Forum Challenge

February Forum Challenge

This is on my sitting room wall by the way.

Like your paint colour - look like you've been busy. Were you bored?! Good idea though!

Lol....managed to get the whole room done, first coat anyway. I was thinking that people who do this for a living deserve a medal and linked that with being decorated with a medal.....and I was decorating......it goes on and on! Lol The head on the left hand medal I’ve just noticed, looks like Shakespeare. Not bad considering it was painted with an emulsion brush.....lol. Thanks Margaret.

Not trying to take over from Banksy are we. LOL.

Nice colour, good coverage..G&T time methinks..LOL

Haha there’s no getting away from it! Clever stuff Fiona. I can’t believe we’ve come up with so many weird and wonderful ideas!

Just laughing at all the comments on this "challenge", and this is good ! A fine way to spend a cold and damp weekend.

How on earth do you think them up? I've got a few walls that could do with a lick of paint if you're up for it Fiona :)

Thanks everyone, just being silly as usual! The second coat is done and I’m done In! Lol No thanks Val....I’ve got the floor to paint tomorrow....yuk!

This is turning out to be a very interesting challenge Fiona and your associations in this are very clever. What I want to know is are you going to do a mural on this wall now it is done. The Galloway. hills would look good!!!

Thank you Sandra Now that’s an idea Carol, trouble is, I couldn’t do them justice. Thanks very much.

Very clever ,sorry I missed that one, I don't like decorating neither,I think you should frame the picture with the medals and hang it on the wall , it will be matching. :)

Like it Fiona couldn't find your self portrait

Lol Annick, it is on the wall, I painted it with the emulsion brush. Thanks very much for your comment.

I know that you painted the medals on the wall, Fiona, but you are going to paint over the medals aren't you?

I’ve already painted over them Annick, they are totally lost now....I suppose I could paint green medals on the new colour!

Hang on Studio Wall

I think I’m obsessed with Juxtaposition-ing.......or is it an illness, guess what I’ve been doing today....and I still can’t get it out of my head! Hope there’s a cure! Lol

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