Fenland Lane

Fenland Lane

This is really good Fiona, your trees have improved a lot and I like the way you have handled the buildings. The puddle looks ok to me, as do the shadows, although the triangular one on the barn looks a bit odd (don't know why though!). Very well done.

Wow, Fiona, this is really well done. I agree with Stephen: your puddles are ok. Beautiful contrast between the sunny parts and the shadows. Good shadow colour too!

Really lovely painting Fiona, nice composition and shadows

Fiona - I absolutely love it - your work just gets better and better

Really like the loosness of this watercolour Fiona, agree with Michael, your work just keeps getting better.

Thank you all so much....I'm sure it's your encouragement that is making the difference! :) Stephen do you think the shadow on the roof is too dark, or perhaps the shadow on the gable should have been done with an extra wash of the building colour rather than the shadow colour? My husband said it looked odd as well, but it is like that on the photo. Not sure how to approach it.

It's funny how things look ok on a photo but perhaps a little odd in a painting. I seem to remember reading that (in theory) a cast shadow is darker than a normal shadow. So if you darkened the shadow on the barn or extension, that would distinguish it from the wall.? Perhaps you could try it out on a scrap of paper? Or better still just delete my comment as no one else seems to notice!

Hello Fiona, I'm new to the Gallery. I really love the freshness; it looks like a beautiful clear day - no 'mud' to be seen! I'm very much a beginner, but I just wondered: with a bit of artistic licence, if you created a small ridge along the top of the lean-to building, you'd then be able to put in a small line of lighter tone along the ridge tiles where they catch the light, separating the dark of the barn's gable end from its shadow?

Fiona it is lovely, I like the use of Manganese Blue. Shadows and puddles look good to me, overall a really lovely painting

Excellent pic Fionna, looks like one of the lanes arounf Tydd Gote, justt on the Cambridegshire/Lincolnshire border. best Mick

lovely image and treatment

I'll just reiterate what everyone else has said Fiona, great work.

This is really superb, Fiona. Your work just gets better and better! Quite frankly, I've never heard of manganese blue! Sounds like a boy band to me! Perhaps that's why I've never consciously paid it any attention! Anyway, your painting is lovely.

Many thanks everyone for your advise and kind comments. Mick it's around Gosberton/Pinchbeck area. Lionel, Manganese blue is an old colour, it makes some lovely sky colours. I think the nearest modern-ish colour similar to it, is Windsor blue. It makes a lovely pale green mixed with a little burnt sienna.

Wonderful Fiona, I love the shadows and the puddles !!

Many thanks Denise.

Absolutely stunning, Fiona! It has a super composition, effective and lively brushstrokes and lovely sunny atmosphere. It's a reall winner!

Thank you Seok, you are very kind.

This is lovely - and your puddles are delightful!!

Thanks very much Helen.

This one is absolutely wonderful Fiona. You are achieving counter change very well (light into dark, dark into light) the variation in the colours in the trees is lovely well done. The shadows across the lane need to run parallel with each other if you understand me. You have created a radial effect . Probably being over critical here, but just trying to help. Shadows also get weaker the further they get away from the thing that causes the shadow. Dont spoil it by doing fussy things to create separation on the roof. Re: the shadow on the roof, if it was a little weaker and more translucent so that it showed through the colour of the lower cat slide roof would give the difference you need. This is a lovely watercolour. loose,simple abreaviated and so effective. Well done. The more I look at it , the more I see and the more I want to look at it.. Is it for sale???

Gosh John, thank you...I thought you were talking about someone elses painting, not mine! I do know what you mean regarding the shadows from the tree's, I can only say I copied the photo. The nearer tree's on the left are about to go round a bend...if that makes more sense. Is it for sale? I don't sell my paintings John, I don't think they are good enough for someone to pay money for. I give lots away though! Thanks again John.

Hi Fiona, I love this piece very much. Very bold shadow. Everyone will hesitate in this part. Thank you for commenting into my blog. really appriciate.

Your getting past giving paintings away Fiona. Please don't underestimate your talent You are going from strength to strength. Re tree shadows. only trying to help, If the light source was close to the rear of the trees they would appear radial. But the source is the sun, so whatever that hits will be nearly parallel. the shaodows will not be effected by the groundscape unless you are rising UP a vertical plane. Where are you based Fiona ?

Thank you Midori, you're very kind. Again thank you John.

Well done in getting this in the top 10 Mia. Well deserved

Super painting, I can't believe you're giving them away.... can I join the queue? Great to see this in the top ten :)

Thank you Michael and Lesley for your good wishes...... I'm finding it a bit difficult to believe actually, but it gives me a nice warm feeling all the same. Thank you again.

Well done, Fiona, for making the Top Ten this month. I am sorry I missed this painting when it was posted, but I have been laid up with a chest infection for a lot of January and didn't get on POL until just a day or so ago. Anyway, super painting and well deserved recognition.

You are very kind Thea, thank you. I'm sorry to hear you have been unwell, I hope you will be feeling yourself soon.

Ditto with what John Fuller says! You are truly talented and if you still won't sell then I want to join the queue!!! I love the tips people are giving as well as they do help don't they. But well done.

What a beautifully free style. Wonderful colours and such assurance in your brush strokes.... a pleasure to look at.

A very good painting.... just my sort of subject matter... i like it very much fiona..

I love your paintings. You have the looseness I'd love to get the hang of!!

Thank you Jackie, you're very kind.

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Done from a photograph I took when I lived in the Lincolnshire Fens for a spell. There are lots of lanes with run down Fen cottages and farm buidings.....almost one around every corner! Used manganese blue quite a bit in this picture, in the sky and some of the greens. I think I need to practice puddles.

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