Lone pine

Lone pine

This is lovely, Stevan. Natural elements working together. Just a thought, here. If a tiny figure was added to the scene ( maybe nesx to the Spruce) it could almost have a poetic edge to it, man's presence in the bigger picture.

Posted by C Jones on Mon 23 Jul 08:06:56

Thanks for the comments and 're a person in the picture. I will consider for the future. I think in this case the scale would make the person tiny?

A beautiful striking piece Stevan. I like your ideas ref silhouettes, it makes for interesting shapes and contrasts.

Very striking, great colours.

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Back lighting throwing up silhouettes seems to be a theme in many of my recent works and this is a function of my appreciation of a good sun set. The picture is pure imagination but reflects a shift towards semi abstract landscapes many elements of which are inspired by Michael Morgan's works.

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