Scotts pine 3

Scotts pine 3

A very attractive and distinctive image, Stevan. Well worth experimenting. I love the subtlety of the background washes, and texture.

I love experimenting, I think it’s the surprise you get when you stand back and see what you’ve ended up with. There are no preconceived ideas or expectations about the result, and sometimes the surprise is a good this! It certainly worked, love it!

Ps. Forgot to add, I like the format of this.

Thanks once again for the positives. It's not been one of my best received pieces but you can't win all the time and if you don't try something different you get stuck in a rut and never improve.

Hang on Studio Wall

At this time of year the weather and work conspire to restrict external activities so I am experimenting. The experiment is based on photographs that I took on the east coast of Scotland and I am looking for a number of ways to represent the trees as I can. In this case I put a gesso base down, washed over this with dirty water colour water from a previous session and added a touch of colour. The trees are done with black ink and the sun is guash

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