Well done you, look forward to seeing many more (Barney looks very cute)

What a sweet expression.

I think you have done a really good job of it Denise and more so as it your first at. I don’t use pastel that often but I always enjoy it when I do , not the easiest of mediums.

Many thanks Heather, Sylvia and Paul. I will certainly be trying more Heather and Sylvia his expression was the result of not understanding why his mum had to hold him so that he didn't keep jumping onto my lap (I'm frightened of dogs even cuties like this one)! You are right Paul, not the easiest of things to work with, I chose not to blend in the end as it seemed to flatten the pastel and take the life out of it.

Beautifully done. A cute little dog.

This is delightful Denise and sits so well against the grey background.

Good work, Denise - very appealing!

Thank you Denise, Carole and Anne, it was the first time for pastels and also using a different coloured background and enjoyed both.

You have done really well for your first attempt with pastels. Trying new media is always a worry not knowing how it is going to work. You have really captured his personality. So cute!

Many thanks Spencer, his owners did say 'that is so Barney' so really pleased with how it turned out.

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Pastel Pencil. My first ever go with pastels and really pleased with how this has turned out even though far from perfect , the fact that I got a good likeness and it looks half decent is enough for me right now (smiley face).

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