Just noticed I put the wrong date on, ahead of my time obviously, or loosing the plot more like.

Nice Dixie , very nice.

Like this, that peeling bark of silver birch is always lovely

Very original and love the patterns of the bark Paul.

Love the peeling bark Paul, was this off Sylvia's photo?

Well observed, beautiful sketch Paul.

Eye catching ! with good shading.

Thank you all for your kind comments. It’s is from a photo taken about 2 yrs ago, but 8 hope to do one from the photo Sylvia sent me.

I thought it was Sylvia's tree too Paul. Lovely job anyway.

No both you Marjorie both you and Linda are barking up the wrong tree.

A lovely silver birch bark, it is always an interesting bark to paint, it has such character. well done Paul

Beautiful colours, Dixie - silver birch is so lovely :)

Thank you for your comments Tao and Margaret. And a Wuff to you too Marjorie, I think we must be barking mad.

Painter and arboreculturist, if there is such a word. Another good one Paul.

This is really striking Paul, it has an almost abstract look.

That's a great tree portrait, Paul. Love it!

Great tree study well captured,

It’s so nice when people who know about painting make positive comments, thank you all as the are appreciated and encouraging.

Lovely mix of colour, shapes and design here Paul.

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A4 watercolour of bark peeling of silver birch tree, the colours are superb, and it don’t look real, it’s as if someone has painted the trees. I love all trees and woodland but some are the stars of the show at certain times of the year.

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