It's a lovely free watercolour of Bentley - he is gorgeous - bless him!

This is stunning, Diana. It's always a treat to look at your paintings.

Not only a beautiful watercolour but very sensitive - and a beautiful dog.

Superb Diana full of light textures beautiful washes and lovely greys

What a lovely dog Diana and beautifully painted.

That's lovely Diana, he has such a wistful look and I'm sure you'll all miss him but at least you have a lovely painting to remember him by

What a special painting ,I’m sure your daughter will treasure it.

That's a beautiful painting Diana seriously beautiful ,

I never read your comment and im so sad to hear he has to be put to sleep , its very painful for the ones who love them .

He is so beautiful Diana. Love the way he is posed with his stick. So sorry to know that he will have to be put to sleep.

Beautifully captured Diana, such a lovely expression.

How beautiful Bentley looks Diana, a lovely painting to remember him. It's so sad when they come to the end of the road but we have to think what is best for them. We lost one of our lovely dogs recently and it breaks your heart but you know you are doing the right thing.

Thank you for your kind and heartfelt comments. Maureen, thank you. He is a typical Labrador. Loving and loyal. Lewis, thank you. I’m pleased that this looks just like him. Marjorie, thank you. I hope that the painting will bring back happy memories Dennis, thank you. I was surprised to see orange pink and blues in the fur. Tessa, thank you. Having a pet is lovely until this bit. Soon replaced with happy memories. Linda, thank you. I have the photograph of this image but I think a painting is more personal. Sylvia, thank you. I am so lucky to be able to produce something that brings someone pleasure as I hope this will Dennis, thank you for your comment. I’m delighted that you like it. Your right, it will be painful initially but has to have been worth the pain for all the years of fun and loyalty he’s given us. Sandra, thank you. It’s a lovely photograph I used. I think my husband took it recently.

Jenny, thank you. He has wonderfully expressive eyes , as do most dogs. Margaret, thank you for your kind words I’m sorry to hear that you lost one of your dogs recently. Very sad.

A lovely loose style which is unusual for your but your daughter will treasure the painting and her memories beautifully done Diana..

Tao, thank you. When I started painting this, I didn’t know how detailed I wanted it. After I painted the eyes and nose, I wanted to illustrate the age and character without being too tight I really love loose watercolour

A very sad time Diana having just been through that situation with my daughter's dog. This is a wonderful painting I'm sure your daughter will treasure.

Splendid work - lovely and loose!

So expressive Diana, I am sure your painting will provide a lovely lasting memory of him.

Beautiful painting Diana!

Posted by Holger . on Tue 02 Jan 07:56:22

Carole, Im sorry to read about your daughters dog. Thank you for your kind words. Guy, thank you. I wanted it to be full of life and painting it quite loosely seemed to fit the bill. Barry,thank you . I have the photograph which is beautiful too. I think that a painting is more personal. Bolger, thank you for your kind and encouraging comment. Much appreciated.

Holger. Sorry about the spelling mistake. I couldn’t work out how to edit it.

Very sensitive painting of a lovely dog, Diana, skillful as ever.

So sad, Diana, to say goodbye to this beautiful dog. What a superb painting though!

Thank you John. I’m pleased that I painted him while he was still with us. Cesare,thank you. I think areas are a little underpainted but I’m leaving it that way. Thank you Gudrun. I have left it alone! Thank you Jennifer. He went this morning so a bit raw but I’m really pleased to have painted this before he went.

This is superb Diana. I read your blog on this for Art Tutor and it was brilliant !!

Thank you Audrey. I think he would have benefited from stronger colour but In always frightened of ruining it. It’s very good of you to leave your kind comments

Hang on Studio Wall

Half imperial watercolour on rough. This is Bentley my daughter’s dog. Sadly, he has to be put to sleep in the next few weeks due to mobility issues. I wanted to paint him as he is now but with a bit of character despite those eyes! Not sure if I’ll put in much background but have got to the leave it for now stage.

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