Last Clematis

Last Clematis

Exceptional work Diana.

So beautiful Diana! Some masterful brushstrokes on the top left and a clear division of lights and darks and the work is a joy to revel in!

That's gorgeous Diana, love the dark background it really sets the deep purple and white off, ☺

The light sparkling beautiful Diana

Beautiful mix of light..very nice.


Posted by T H on Sat 25 Nov 15:51:25

A beautiful striking image Diana.

This is a most beautiful floral painting Diana. It shows great imagination and great skill. I seriously love it!

Absolutely lovely, mouthwatering colours.

Thank you again for being there with your kind comment Jim Thank you Nandhini. Like the last few darker paintings I’ve done, it looks better in subdued lighting which I would have expected to be the opposite Hello Linda and thank you. The lower flower was almost invisible in the shadow. Hello Dennis and thank you. When I finish s painting, I see that there was always room for More highlights and white paper. Thank you Andre. The extreme tonal areas were so inspiring. Thank you Timothy, lovely to hear from you Hello Fiona, I must be in a very dark period at the moment!! Hello Satu, That’s s great compliment, thank you. Thank you Marjorie. I think that watercolour gets amazing depth of colour with a few layers.

Mine have gone till next year, but you have revived their beauty Diana. Many people just illustrate with watercolour which some are very good at. However your work puts art into it and that’s the defining difference between picture making and art. The picture maker just copies their subject. The artist puts something.

Wonderful clarity & vibrancy, terrific painting.

Diana!! This is a Gem!

Truly beautiful Diana, such a sumptuous colour on the flowers.

Great work Diana

Beautiful flowers, lovely contrast with the dark background.

John, that is the most complimentary comment I could have. Thank you Thank you Willie, The lighting at the moment with the bright clear days is creating some wonderful shadows Thank you Gudrun and Ruth. It’s so motivating to read your thoughts. Thank you Margaret, I love the new green. Wonderful for mixing darks. perylene green Thank you Petra. Sandra and Peter, thank you for your kind comments, who could resist those rich, velvety purples

That's really lovely Diana - the flowers really stand out against your background colours

Fabulous as always Diana.

Posted on Mon 27 Nov 12:52:35
Hang on Studio Wall

Half imperial watercolour

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