Bottle and Glass

Bottle and Glass

Thanks Ivan, I am rating it as one of my best, but that's me

Yes Derek a gem and the best yet superb

Very good Derick. You should be pleased with that.

Superb Derek honestly in this last 6 months you got so good its great to see it ,your only young yet as well plenty of time get even better ,lol . lovely work mate.

Derek, you must be using a "master" card if you'll excuse the pun - or was it "maestro" ? This is so cleverly done and such a attractive painting. Congratulations.

That's a lovely painting, Derek, full of light and colour. Nice reflections in the liquid. I reckon you are a 'glass half full' man. We have something in common: same age, took up painting late and could always draw. Nice to know Dennis thinks we are young!

Again great use of credit cards Derek, love the textures and marks in this.

This is so good Derek and the way you have overcome a set back and adapted your technique is an inspiration. I would agree that this is your best yet!

Thanks dennis, dennis, John. Sharon, Michael, Carole and Christine for yoyur kind and encouraging comments. <br />Must admit I would normally finish this work as in alla prima rather than take as long as I have. One or two other things got in the way, extremely busy weekend, but I did try and concentrate very hard and not to rush. I don&#39;t rush I am just quick.<br /><br />As mentioned I would prefer the bottle to be smoother but hey!..........

Lovely work Derek, especially on the bottle label and the colourful shadows.

You are a perfectionist Derek and I agree master maestro inspired

This is really good work Derek, it&#39;s so unusual in its style and the colours are wonderful.

Derek, you are right to class this as one of your best, it is excellent and you are an inspiration to us all. I love the faceted way you have described the glass...including the stem and bottom. The reflection of the glass is just right and not overpowering. You have overcome your challenges with speed and quality Derek!

Derek I think this is a fantastic painting, the glass is brilliantly painted, something that&#39;s not easy to paint with a brush but you have done using your technique and that just goes to show what a talented artist you are.

Really like this Derek, the scraped back paint gives a contemporary look, and I agree one of your best , and one I would be very happy to hang on my wall. The more I look at it the more I like it. Excellent.

Thanks again Russell, Sarah,Alan,Fiona, Rachel and Andre. What a smashing response.

Truly a wonderful painting Derek, Love it :)

Cheers, Derek! Love the way you have painted the glass.

It is absolutely fantastic Derek! I love everything in it, the colours, the textures, the composition, the mood. Well done you!!!

Could I just add my appreciation of this Derek. I love all the shapes swirling around and especially the base of the glass, which you weren&#39;t pleased with at first. The lost and found edges do work very well. Definitely up there with your best.

Very exciting picture!

Wonderful textures and shapes. Nice work!

Cheers Michael, Satu, Darragh, Marjorie, Shirley and Avril

Forgot to say (I am rather chuffed with this) that I used draughtsmans curves only for the glass rims, the side of the glass were freehand by eye.

I really like this. Colours and textures roughly joined together to give an image. Great Work!!!!<br />

Hang on Studio Wall

20 x 30cms on paper. Worked from an permittied image gallery in WetCanvas. Taken me 3 mornings of about 2 hours each. All with credit cards apart from pens on the edge curves of the glass. Quite a struggle but chosen to test me. Unhappy with the stem and base of the glass then I thought the lost and found edges work. The bottle is for liqueur I think and the glass doesn't suit but that's the image.

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