The wedding present

The wedding present

What a lovely surprise it's going to be Derek!

Great idea for a present, I think they'll love it!

Thanks Satu and Debs. I have done this for other friends, some commissioned but in that case larger and painterly.

Lovely fresh image Derek, I'm sure they will be delighted with this. It's always a bit awkward when people say no gifts, isn't it.

I echo all those comments Derek, but when I say that I don't want anything I don't always mean it...

Absolutely love this Derek a superb gift

I'm sure that they will be thrilled Derek! It's fresh and quirky. I always like it when the telephone poles and wires are added. Lovely!

Thanks Stephen, Alan, Sian, dennis and Sarah. Didn't block in all the coloured areas and ignored some, the rough texture helped a lot.

A special and unique gift Derek, it will be treasured.

A unique gift Derek that I'm sure they will cherish.

What a great idea and beautifully executed.

Thanks Christine and Thea, it is a one off unique so they won't get anything like that even if some other guests ignore their request

Hang on Studio Wall

16 x 15cms on Wookey Hole hand made. A surprise wedding present in end August for some younger pals who have everything and requested no presents at the do in Somserset. I felt Ihad to do something as the groom is the son of one of my old git pals/drinking buddy

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