Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Oh this is lovely Debs. Simply painted (by that I don't mean easy LOL ) and so attractive. The simplicity in the lambs is really effective. I've yet to see any new born lambs up here thankfully, far too bloomin cold for them in these artic conditions. We've been lucky with the snow, being just on the edge of it all sheltered by the Ochil hills but the gale force winds are bitterly bitterly cold. Where has spring got too?!!

Meant to say Happy Easter to you too!

Happy Easter to you Val from an Easter beautiful painting wish it would warm up!!!:)LINDA EASTER

Sorry meant Debs !!

Thanks Val and you were right it wasn't easy - this must be my 4th go at it and I'm still not happy with the eyes, ah well! I've posted my snow couple on Arty and Crafty [ in the Relax bit] hope you like it, it's going down a storm on Facebook!! lol we haven't had snow as deep as this for years - nice to know you've escaped it!

Thanks Linda, I hate the snow anytime but at Easter it's 'snow' joke! Sorry I couldn't resist!!!

Lovely lambs, simplicity is key isn't it with lambs and sheep and these are great!

Thanks Ros - hope the weather is kinder where you are!

Lovely clean and fresh painting. A great feeling of Spring, warm sunshine, cute lambs and pretty flowers. How come it isn't like that at the moment!! Your painting is a tantalising glimpse of what Spring should be like.

Lovely, love how you have left the paper for the sunlight, lovely little painting. This is how it should be for Spring isn't it? Hope snow goes soon as can't get out!

beautiful painting, I hope they have found some shelter from the snow

Thank you Thea, Carole and Glennis for such kind comments, I am heartily sick of the snow, it causes so much disruption for everyone, here's hoping we have a wonderful Summer to make up for the awful weather we've had.

Love the colours Debs; so crisp and fresh. Wish we could see green grass instead of 5 foot snow drifts

Thank you Diana, I wish we could see the green green grass of home too!!!

Very simple but effective painting - capturs the Spring feeling.

Posted by Ann Cook on Sun 21 Apr 09:57:13

Hi Debs thanks for checking out my Dalmation Dog pastel dog portraits from today, I did these over the weekend and they were great fun to do, the look on the face of the dog was so cute and appealing on the pmp website I just had had to have a go, and having discovered ACEO's on that site I am trying that format out where I can, of course I knew about aceo's before I found that website but finding out that they have a group on there that just does that size of workwhich in reply to your question is 3 and a half inches by 2 and a half, I now have no excuse for having a little play about with drawing that size of work! and why not, just noticed you have joined their aceo group, give it a go, it is fun, I currently have the best of my normal sized and one of my aceo sized works on ebay for sale at the moment, there is quite a market for aceo sized works on art selling websites and if you browse around that aceo group on pmp, go into some of their forums and discussion group that mention marketing your work and you will see them discussing how their various sales are doing, some of them mention using ebay to try selling works in America and that is an area worth checking out, anyway talk soon xx

Hi Debs, cheers for your great comment on my happy dog pet portrait, really pleased you like it, and everyone is mentioning the eyes and teeth on this one!, so all my efforts to get that mouth right have paid off, it did take quite a bit of work to get that right as well but it's true what they always say perseverance pays off! Nice to know my efforts have been appreciated by so many, nice to hear from you on here as well as we are fellow pmp users of course and we are both slowly getting use to that site as well eh!

Hang on Studio Wall

This has made a nice change - from making Snowmen! It's about a foot deep here in N.Wales, such a shame for the farmers up to their necks in lambing, hope the snow goes soon!

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