Borth y Gest


Good for you trying outdoor painting and on quite a large scale. I think you have captured the mood and atmosphere very well. I usually work much smaller outdoors, in pencil or watercolour, working quickly, usually on a nice day! Hope you carry on experimenting.

A cracker Russell well worth the suffering superb

Yes it’s not always fun Russell, but the results are often worth it. Super sketch on a favourite paper using that simple combination of medium, really excellent plein air first attempt.

Magnificent plein air painting with such a majestic air and wonderful tonal values Russell.

Well worth it for what you have produced, Russell. When the pain subsides😊 all you 'll look at is the result and you'll give yourself a pat on the back! Funnily enough I have a very similar " en plein air " painting, Balcary Bay in Dumfries. However, the weather was beautiful! I think it may be in my gallery, just to look at the similarity of the view.

So good Russell - stunning first attempt!

Your talent hasn't been released yet Russell but you've got a lot . I'm sure you'll go on to do absolute masterpieces eventually. This is lovely.

Thank you all sincerely for your very positive comments, having now tried 'en plein air' my admiration for those who do so regularly, has grown substantially!

Oh and Russell it's irrelevant whether you paint in the studio or outside , for those who do wonderful and for those that don't equally wonderful it's the image you create not where you do it . When Joe Bloggs looks at a painting he's looking at a picture not where you painted it .

Good for you Russell! I do some plein air but this time of year it’s basically quick sketches. I know you suffered, and it was well worth it because what you get for your pain, is life and emotion!

Well done Russell. A great result from your plein air painting especially with cold hands!

Totally agree with Alan's comment. No it isn't easy, even here on Gozo, but I have to say it's always worth it. This is a great piece of work, Russell...North Wales to a T

Lovely seascape Russell, The beauty of outdoor sketching/painting is, I find, that you just don't see the subject but you experience, smell and feel it as well. The 'feel' part might be difficult sometimes!

Lovely work - great light, Russell

Thank you Fiona, Christine, Thalia, Willie and Maureen for your very generous comments. Dennis I agree with your comments, I don't think anyone's work has more credence simply because it's 'en plain air.' And although I certainly won't be tying myself to a ship's mast in the midst of a storm any time soon I will probably try it again, when it's warmer! Cheers.

A brilliant sketch, done beautifully.

Now here's a man who uses charcoal to great effect. This is just wonderful and atmospheric Russell. I love it.

You may not have enjoyed every second of your experience but it’s certainly produced a worthy result. I love the sky and the light around the boat.

Well worth it Russell, very atmospheric.

You caught the atmospheric feel Russell.

Splendid piece Russell I always know your work because of the beautiful light

Hang on Studio Wall

A3 Grey Strathmore paper, charcoal and white pastel. My first attempt at en plein air landscape, sat outside a cafe in Borth y Gest. North Wales, an experience which I'm in no hurry to repeat - cold hands and feet are not conducive to a satisfactory conclusion, Full respect to Alan Bickley and the rest of you intrepid en plein-ers!

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