Lost Things


I really like this but if I had to comment I would say the bench is disproportionately given the size of the two figures.

Thanks Heather I thought the same as I was painting it but I think that’s just the angle the photo was taken and how distance the figures are maybe I need to fog them out a bit more to show that :)

A delightful blend of colours & tones.

I agree with Heather about the bench (or the figures?) but otherwise it is a great view. I also love the delicate colour palette, Catherine.

Yes, unless the figures are children. I love the way the paint has been used in the foreground and the trees reaching for the sky.

Thank you everyone, the figures are my children :)

Love the tree and the autumnal coloured leaves on the ground. Also noticed the little pink shoe.. is that lost?

Haha yes I wondered if anyone would notice the little pink show it amazing how many I see when out walking, just sitting there waiting to be found again by their owner :)

Wonderful painting, I like it very much

Very nice pallete and beautifully painted. Lovely.

Whenever I see one of your scenes I always want to be there!

Great view. I feel as if I could walk there

Thank you all very much for your lovely comments, you're all very kind.

Hang on Studio Wall

There are areas of improvement needed in the trees but I don’t want to over work it as I’m happy with it so decided to put the paintbrush down.

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