Wild on the Moors


I'm not troubled by romanticizing things, really - leavened with a bit of brutal reality on occasions; and you can always subvert an apparently romantic painting if you want to - eg, paint a discard beer can, crisp packet, or even something worse, in the foreground. Go on - dare you! I like your brushwork - and you have got the sense of space, and controlled those many different greens, which is extremely difficult to do.

I love the colours of the moor. The mauve of the heather and all those myriad greens make this really beautiful. Oil or acrylics?

Hang on Studio Wall

I am the first to admit i romanticise things but It’s hard not to find the landcscape idyllic in the summer when the sun shines and the heather blooms pinks and purples. With children running and playing free and couples sitting on rocks and looking out across what seems like the whole world, it’s hard not to see it as a slice of paradise on earth. Even when the weather changes and the wind picks up I love wildness about the moors.

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